”All the children need a champion, an adult that would never give up on them”

2017-05-30 17:43:00
”All the children need a champion, an adult that would never give up on them”

She wanted a change in her professional life. She met the right people at the right time and the opportunity appeared. Joining the team of Seven Hills International School was an important step. Let’s discover the brief story told by teacher Diana Harcu.


  1. Why did you choose this profession? When did you decide that you wanted to build characters?


I would like to be able to say that I am one of the lucky persons who always knew what they want to become and what profession suits them best. However, although I always liked children, I never dreamed of becoming a teacher, and I started my career on a different path. But everything happens for a reason, so my path guided me towards this profession, I met the right people at the right time and here I am working in this field!


2.         How did you become a Seven Hills teacher?


I found myself in a moment of my professional life when I desperately wanted a change. I was looking for a school, and I wanted the best. I heard about this school and it was a challenge for me to get here, but I succeeded. I have met here the most beautiful and kind people and I can say that my choice was an important step in my professional life. For the last two years I have been living here a wonderful experience that fills my heart with happiness and completion.


3.        How do you see the efficient relationship between students and teachers?


All the children need a champion, an adult that would never give up on them, that understands the power of connexion and insists for them to achieve their highest potential. This champion should be the teacher, the adult who spends at least eight hours a day with the child. The student – teacher relationship should be complex since it is so important. A devoted teacher and an engaged student will set the foundation of a well-established and disciplined relationship based on respect and trust and this relationship will support the student to grow beautifully and constantly.


4.         What are Diana Harcu’s passions/hobbies?


There are many things and activities that I enjoy but I relax the most when I read fiction, personal development books or biographies or when I travel with interesting and dear people and visit places filled with history and beauty.


5.         What is your favourite book?


One of the books that I read with great pleasure is “The White Masai”, the real story of Corinne Hofmann, who succeeded in facing successfully all the challenges of a primitive civilisation and to start over, with courage, several times. And everything for love!

The heroine is a successful woman, extremely strong, a model of courage and ambition, who can inspire any reader, at any age.


6.         What is your favourite movie?


A film that I have seen at least three times and that impressed me deeply is "What dreams may come". It is a supernatural drama, starring Robin Williams, who rediscovers the essence of life and the wonders that love hides, in an impressive journey both on Earth and in other dimensions.


7.         What is your favourite writer/poet?


I always loved poetry! Through the years, I have found myself in many poems, so it is difficult to choose a favourite poet. In high-school I enjoyed reading Bacovia and Minulescu, but after discovering Adrian Păunescu, I can say that he is the poet whose poems make my soul vibrate. He has a particular style, profound and especially delicate and his poems are expressed in a simple manner but they are extremely filled with significance and emotion.


8.         What music do you like?


Music is always with me and I could not imagine life without it! Depending on my mood, I choose a certain type of music. My taste for music is defined by a single style: I like Aerosmith, Guns and Roses but also classic music and music for meditation and relaxation.



9.       Where do you like to spend your holidays?


The answer to this question is easy: to the seaside! On a tropical island! With sun, a boat, a book and tranquillity. This is the way I would spend every vacation of my life! Even several times a year!