Learning areas

  • Communication and literacy
    Children are encouraged to express themselves, to communicate their ideas and thoughts in different manners. The emphasis is on the importance of reading books and fostering their love for the written word.

  • Problem solving, the ability to think and numeracy
    Children learn the basics of numeracy through stories, songs and games.

  • Personal, social and emotional development
    Children are taught to recognize, understand and respect the fact that people have different needs, points of view, customs and beliefs..

  • Becoming environmentally
    Learning through experience by observing the environment and identifying the characteristics of living and inanimate objects.

  • Developing creativity
    Through music, art, dance, role play, theatre, etc., activities that engage all five senses.

  • Physical development
    It focuses on developing the children’s capacity to move while being supervised or alone and the understanding of the importance of physical health.


  • An attractive curriculum taught in English;
  • Student centred education;
  • The theory of multiple intelligence's and individual potential;
  • Learning through discovering;
  • Developing self-esteem and motivation for learning;
  • Character formation and development;
  • Independent learner skills formation;
  • Personal creative expression;
  • Entrepreneurial education.